Class action suit filed against Linux Torvards for unfair trade practices.

Posted by Matthew on Monday February 27, 2006 @12:24PM

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Just a Guy writes: Filed Wednesday in California Superior Court in Santa Clara County, the suit charges Linus Torvalds with implementing and encouraging unfair trade practices in the development and deployment of the Linux operating system.

The suit alleges that the Linux operating system (available as an alternative for personal and corporate computing) uses unfair trade practices to make finding and using exploits much more difficult. A party to the class action suit, Symantec, commented that Linux, by NOT upholding the standards to which other operating systems are exploitable, has an unfair market advantage by not requiring the purchase of generally inexpensive and somewhat effective third party tools.

The main remedies sought in relief of the suit are summarized:

1) Force all users to use Linux as the administrator (root for the technically savvy)
2) Remove all included firewalls in the software.
3) Make all files installed on the system world writable
4) Enforce a mandatory delay between exploit detection and patches.

Of the four remedies above, number 4 is deemed the most important at leveling the playing field. In normal circumstances, when an exploit is detected, there is time for malicious code writers to take advantage of it, and therefore time for software security companies to develop fixes and keep the cycle of normal computer security rolling. An anonymous source stated “what good does it do anyone when a security exploit is closed before it can be taken advantage of”.

In a phone conversation, Linux responded “I think I will have waffles for breakfast”.

The lead plaintiff, Arron Semple, deceased, could not be reached for comment.

SCO sues over GameBoy Advanced UNIX port

Posted by Matthew on Wednesday September 8, 2004 @09:35AM

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Matthew writes: SCO has sued for their port of UNIX (5th Edition ca. 1974) to the Gameboy Advanced.

SCO CEO Daryl McBride had this to say: “ has taken what we believe is probably our intellectual property and perhaps stolen it, potentially devaluing what might be our valuable potential IP such as source code that may be determined to be ours and the UNIX name, which we might be found to have some trademark interest in. This action dilutes our market position, as our current clientele will become confused in the marketspace and may elect to use this pirate version of UNIX rather than our official, certified corporate version. Therefore it causes us measurable harm, and we demand recompense.”

Amit Singh, speaking on behalf of, had this to say: “I don’t respond to idiots.”

In related news, the city of Santa Cruz has sued to have SCO remove both “Santa Cruz” from all of their corporate trademarks, and the S and C from their acronym, which would leave them with the name “O”. Oprah has announced that if they do that, she will sue for trademark infringement.

Red Hat Juxtaposition

Posted by Matthew on Monday September 6, 2004 @10:03PM

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Tyson writes: Two entirely different worlds collided on August 9th, 2004, when Red Hat Linux held it’s developers convention in the Las Vegas convention center at the same time that the Red Hat Society held its convention in the Sands convention center.

“It was madness” declared Emily Farnsworth, the convention coordinator for RHS. “Our Ladies were requesting to be taken to the Red Hat convention and would wind up wandering around through a bunch of computer nerds giving away decorative reflective coasters. One of our ladies did manage to find a kiosk that purported to have a new version of purl knitting called “Perl”, but frankly, she couldn’t read a word of the instructions.”

“Dude, it was like old lady crazy up in there.” Said M4dn355, of the 312-133t cru3, “The cab dropped me off at the wrong convention center, but tha l8ies were too wild to check for badges. They were wigged out with these giant felt hats and were getting jiggy with the margaritas, yo. So I pulled out my Sharp Linux handheld and scripted up a web cam server and 802.11b’d the madness back to the RHL conference for the 312-133t cru3 homies.”

M4dn355 elected to remain at the Red Hat Society conference after meeting Ms. Edna Maynard, Queen Mother of the 455th Red Hat Chaper of Boise, ID.

Popular Linux distro now available for your sliderule

Posted by Matthew on Monday May 10, 2004 @05:52PM

from the TI-30-port-in-the-works dept.


Dud writes: Latest news in Linux development: The popular Linux distribution, Ham95, can now be installed on most mathematical sliderulers. The kernel was ported by Mr Ham String. It requires a slideruler with a logarithmic scale (it scales very well on these devices). Sliderules can be clustered together for greater power. A slideruler with Ham95 can be used in complex string theory and is used by rocket scientists everywhere.

Copies of Ham95 will be distributed on paper stickers, and download demand is currently exceeding server capacity.

Linux Users to Form New Religious Sect

Posted by Matthew on Tuesday March 23, 2004 @06:58PM

from the unknown dept.


Nathan Dykman writes: In a stunning move, a large group of Linux users have decided that in order to “protect the purity and sanctity of Linux, the most holy of codes”, a new church containing “only the truest of believers” must be formed immediately to combat the forces of evil in “our final days.”

“When the Antichrist has revealed himself unto us and the final battle draws neigh, the faithful must gather together and prepare to fight”, said Frank Coventry, spokesperson for the new “True Church of Linux”.

Church members believe that the lawsuit brought by SCO against IBM and other Linux vendors has shown that the “Antichrist” is none other than Darl McBride, CEO of SCO.

“His highest servant”, later revealed as Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft, “failed to stop us. So now, the dark one himself is with us, and we shall once again prevail over him”.

Church members noted that there are other forces against them. “Those who have polluted Linux in the name of user-friendliness have allowed the unbelievers to foul and profane the once glorious OS we worshipped”, said one member who only identified himself as punkbust12.

Another member noted “Those who blaspheme against the command line, who can not grasp the glory of inetd.conf, the rapture of sendmail; it is these heathen lusers that too many have slavishly appeased. No more. They are not worthy of the awesome beauty and healing grace of /dev/proc. KDE Sucks. GNOME too. [sic]” KDE and GNOME are popular windowing environments for Linux.

It is rumored that some in the church frevently believe that Linus Torvalds, the creator of Linux, will reveal himself to be none other than the savior himself. One member, who asked not to be named, noted that “Linus and Jesus do kind of sound alike.”

When asked to comment, Torvalds refused, saying only “I’m not wasting my time answering that bunch of stark raving loonies” also muttering “The nerve of some people”.

The SCO lawsuit claims that IBM and others have violated their copyrights on Unix. Some at SCO believe that IBM, HP and other major companies have ruined SCOs ability to do business by giving away software that is very similar to what they sell. SCO’s claims have raised the ire of many Linux users.

Experts note that it is clear that the lawsuit is a first for the software industry. “Certainly, I can’t think of any case before this in which a smaller company claimed to be irreparably damaged by a large company giving away software”, said Rob Donnell, a software law expert.

“The war of good and evil begins. Our number may seem few, but we shall arise victorious, and the glory of Open Source shall beam from the heavens upon us all.”, said Mr. Coventry.

Mr. Coventry went on to say that “even the Apple-worshipper shall fall onto his knees and praise the one true OS.” The Church of Jobs refused offical comment.

Church members are steeling themselves for a long battle. “We are prepared. Our souls are light, our PCs overclocked”, said one member.

A passerby, after being told what the meeting, being held in a smallish room at the local community college, was about, commented “A damn church. Over stuff that runs on a computer. Fucking nutballs”.

When told that Linux was a OS, not “some idiotic trashy game that dumb kids get way into.” the passerby then proceeded to yell “Dumb asses!” a few times at churchgoers before leaving.

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Coalition of vendors to stand up to Microsoft

Posted by Matthew on Wednesday November 26, 2003 @11:16AM

from the don't-toot-your-horns-until-you've-counted-your-chickens dept.


Matthew writes: Doomed software vendors Novell, Sun, and RedHat have declared 2004 to be the “The Year that we again fail to make the Linux Desktop a commercial success”.

A spokesman for Novell had this to say: “After years of repeated false starts, this will be the year when we once again fail to make major market share gains against the Windows platform. Everyone knows that the Windows desktop is the bedrock of Microsoft’s strength, and we’ve committed to going after that market, even though we all know that we’re not going to get anywhere.”

“What’s particularly frustrating is knowing that another formerly doomed company, Apple, was able to make a brilliantly successful desktop operating system out of BSD. If we could just figure out how the hell they did that, we’d have the model we need for Linux. But rather than do any serious work, we’re just going to paste on yet another incompatible window manager, move the shortcuts around again, change some of the icons, and cross our fingers!”

RedHat, SuSe offer big discounts on free software

Posted by Michael on Sunday November 16, 2003 @01:32AM

from the what’s-next,-rebates? dept.


Matthew writes: RedHat and SuSe, the largest and 117th largest Linux distributors, have announced discounts of up to 40% on free software. A RedHat sales manager explained the offer: “In order to attract the Educational and Student markets, we’re offering a 40% discount on the freely downloadable RedHat 9 distribution. To take advantage of the discount, you must prove that you are a student or an educator by faxing your student ID or educator ID to the number indicated on our education web site.”

“Once you’ve faxed in your credentials, we will e-mail you a username and password that will allow you to enter our special 40% off FTP server, from which you can download the RedHat cd-rom images for 40% less than our normal offering. Users who are not students or educators must use the traditional free download offering.”

SlashNOT blamed for SCO Linux lawsuit

Posted by Matthew on Friday June 13, 2003 @11:39PM

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Matthew writes: The Creator of Linux, Linus Torvalds, has lashed out at parody site SlashNOT after SCO CEO Darl McBride admitted that he got the idea for suing IBM over Linux from a SlashNOT satirical short that he read in January. A few days later, SCO halted sales of its Linux distribution and set the wheels in motion for its lawsuit.

“These SlashNOT guys are a bunch of self-aggrandizing buffoons. They don’t take their satirical responsibilities seriously, and this SCO lawsuit is the consequence!”

SlashNOT editor Matthew responded: “I’m sure SCO would have figured out their lawsuit tactics eventually without having read the SlashNOT post in question. We regret this entire incident, but SlashNOT is not responsible for the actions of SCO. We will be more discreet when we transchronize from the future in the future, however.

SCO counter-sues self over UNIX IP

Posted by Matthew on Wednesday May 28, 2003 @04:18PM

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Matthew writes: SCO Group has counter-sued itself claiming that its recently filed OpenLinux intellectual property rights violation suit has no merit in light of recent revelations by Novell that SCO did not license the UNIX patents or copyrights, and does not in fact have any intellectual property rights in UNIX.

John Speigal, a lawyer for the prosecution, states: “On the surface, it appears as if our original OpenLinux suit may have been hasty. Our lawyers are of course looking into the claims in the counter-suit. It does appear that our rights in unix apply only to sublicensing and copyrights in code that we have developed since licensing the system V codebase in 1995.”

John Speigal, a lawyer for the defense, states: “SCO’s original suit against itself is an egregious and indefensible tactic to scare OpenLinux users into shifting to UNIX. We applaud Novell for its continuing supporting support of the Open Source community.”

SCO sues self over OpenLinux

Posted by Matthew on Monday May 26, 2003 @06:26PM

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Matthew writes: SCO corporation, formerly Caldera, has filed suit aganst itself in Orem, UT today seeking an injunction against further sales or distribution of its OpenLinux distribution of the Linux open source operating system. The suit also names everyone else as co-defenders.

“SCO intends to aggressively pursue its intellectual property rights in the UNIX space, which it acquired when it bought the assets of the Santa Cruz Operation. Pursuant to that persuit, we have determined that SCO is one of the biggest perpetrators of the illegal distribution of UNIX trade secrets and unlicensed patents in the guise of the Linux operating system, and we intend to force ourselves to license these rights legitimately. We will not stand for the further distribution this software that dilutes our rights.

Upon being served notice, SCO immediately stopped shipping OpenLinux until the legal issues are resolved.