This morning at Area_51_public_tdm

Posted by Matthew on Tuesday August 15, 2006 @09:02PM

from the unknown dept.


You were HARBINGER{u_suck} and I was DEVOLUTION. I loved the way it seemed like we were the only two on the field, even on a crowded server of 36. You preferred the Gehwer 43 submachine gun while I almost exclusively used an M187 trench gun, resorting to a scoped Kar98 only when distance kept us apart. Like the Native American and the Wolf, we respected each other as top predators except that only I could form a grammatical sentence.

Just to be sure it’s you, tell me how many times I shot you from the bell tower in Maresteglise_france.wad before you finally made it up the tower ladder and blew me away with a grenade attack. I liked how you took the Scoped Kar off my still warm corpse and used it to take me out a second time shortly after I spawned in the old farm house—that was brilliance that reminded me of myself in my younger days. By the way, if you’re wondering how I was able to dance around you in circles and evade your machine, gun, it’s called a trackball. I’d like to show you mine someday—that’s one of just many things I could show you.

Was it just me, or did we make a connection? I hope you check craigslist often, and I’ll be waiting for you in Call Of Duty 2 Online…

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