Movie Pirates To Improve Quality of Movies

Posted by Matthew on Friday May 26, 2006 @08:55PM

from the eye-of-the-decoder dept.


Mearzuh writes: Shanghai movie pirates have taken an good look at the recently debuted summer blockbusters and they did not like what they saw. According to their professional opinion, they could have made an improved version thereof — and they promise to do just that.

Word is they will start with The DaVinci Code. Instead of the story being that of no God, they will now include Him. Also, they will superimpose James Caviezel over Tom Hanks, but will keep Audrey Tautou as the sidekick because of her attractiveness. She’ll play a prostitute instead of a police officer, as that spices up the movie. “In addition, the title will be changed to ‘Passion of the Christ’, because Jesus’s passion was cracking codes.” said an official spokesman.

What’s next for the entrepreneurs? Mission Impossible 3. The plan is to superimpose anyone not Tom Cruise over the likeness of Tom Cruise. The movie will be expected then to make millions more.

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