Global warming highest since 9th Century A.D.

Posted by Matthew on Friday February 10, 2006 @08:49AM

from the before-we-were-evil-and-selfish dept.


Matthew writes: Scientists have confirmed, through a number of various techniques, that mean temperatures in the Northern Hemisphere are the highest since 900 A.D. Researchers at the University of East Anglia explain:

“looking at data going back to 800 A.D., including personal journals and diaries, tree rings, fossil shells, and ice cores, we can confirm that temperatures have almost reached the maximum of the Medieval Warm period, when serfs and Lords alike would drive their grass guzzling SUVs, toss out disposable leather food containers with abandon, and engage in emissions heavy industries such as agriculture and animal husbandry.”

“Like our ancestors, we must take a hard look at our current practices, and find a plan to reduce human caused warming. The courage of Crusading against an ideological enemy and allowing bubonic plague to run rampant caused 33% of the population to be killed off, resulting in net 33% reduction in human based emissions.”

“It’s this sort of progressive, forward looking, selfless thinking that we need in order to reduce our current consumption. I look forward to a global flu pandemic, or perhaps an ideological war between major religions, to provide just the sort of emissions reductions that we so desperately need.”

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