NFL desperate for geek Super Bowl viewers

Posted by Michael on Friday January 24, 2003 @04:40AM

from the wake-me-up-at-halftime dept.


Michael writes: The National Football League, responding to concerns that fewer members of the valuable “Geeks 25-54” market segment than ever will tune in to Super Bowl XXXVII this Sunday, has announced changes to the program designed to attract more geek viewers.

“We usually can count on the halftime commercials to bring in the geek viewers,” said an NFL spokesman. “But this year there are only two dot-com ads – in fact we’re having trouble filling all of the ad space. The geeks are not generally interested in football unless it’s a video game, so we need to find another way to attract these viewers.”

The changes will include more statistics, a webcast of the game, a live audio feed from players, and a live feed from the face-recognition camera in a corner of the screen. Finally, in a bold move, the NFL has replaced Shania Twain‘s halftime number with a duet to be sung by departing AOL CEO Steve Case and departing RIAA CEO Hilary Rosen.

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