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Posted by Michael on Wednesday June 7, 2006 @12:04AM

from the unknown dept.


Slashdot is the world’s most widely read tech news site, a site that is known to all in the geek community and highly respected for its “News for Nerds”. Along with general technology and science news, it specializes in such high-order geek topics as Linux, programming, and video games. Established in 1997, it remains so incredibly popular that many sites that it links to are unintentionally taken down by overwhelming traffic, or “slashdotted.”

This is not Slashdot.

SlashNOT, established in 2002, is a parody of Slashdot and the tech industry at large that features fabricated stories as well as true stories that have a spark of humor. Funny, often irreverent and occasionally incomprehensible, it continues to take stabs at technology, geekery, and itself.


This site is a work of fiction. Our news stories are fictional and satirical and are not meant in any way to represent the truth. It’s all lies. Every bit of it. SlashNOT exists for entertainment purposes only. Names of public figures, products, and locations are used purely in jest. Otherwise, names, products, and events are fictional and any resemblance to actual persons or entities is coincidental and unintentional.

Occasionally we post stories in the “True Stories” section that are not satire. Even then we don’t guarantee their accuracy.

SlashNOT accepts submissions. By submitting, you give us permission to post the story on our site without compensation and attest that you are the originator of the submission and that it does not violate anyone’s copyright. We credit all contributors. We reserve the right to edit or rewrite submissions as we see fit, and to reject them for any reason.

This site is a parody of Slashdot. We are not affiliated with Slashdot in any way and our stories are not meant to represent the opinions of any of the Slashdot staff.

All stories are (c) SlashNOT, 2002-2006, unless otherwise specified. All rights reserved. Our stories may not be printed or published by others in whole or in part without our express written consent.

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